Video Editing

Examples of video and sound editing with Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Audition and Soundbooth follow.


USA Field Hockey - "Believe, Belong, Beijing"


This video was produced in June 2008 for the 2008 Olympic Team announcement celebration in Virginia Beach, VA. A major emphasis is placed on the youth programs (Futures, Stick Starz) to highlight to development programs.

The video includes clips of the National Team members shot by Chula Vitsa OTC staff members, as well as action from the 2008 WorldHockey Olympic Qualifier and the Argentina Four-Game Test Series in March. I ripped these videos from digital tapes and edited the piece together, adding some graphics with After Effects and sound mixed in Audition.



CBA Weekly


CBA Weekly was a test for the viability of a full-scale Continental Basketball Association weekly webcast. Seven episodes were filmed during the 2007-2008 CBA season, with the hopes of turning the project into a major social media component for the following seasons. As tests, these editions are not fully-funded, and some elements, like game highlights or consistent lighting, are missing or lacking.


These shows were shot with three individual camera feeds and an separate audio feed through microphones. The feeds were combined in Premiere with the Multi-Camera Monitor and audio feed was mixed with Audition before importing. Several simple graphics and lower-thirds were created in Premiere or After Effects.


Example of Cold Open and First Segment:


Off-site Interview

Interview with Shawn Hawkins at the Mellon Arena

Full Show - CBA Weekly - January 2008

Below is a full show, hosted on this server:




Pittsburgh Sweet 16

Commercial - Call for auditions for proposed local reality show.



Club 4 Life

Commercial for local health club.