Back To You

Back to You was a sitcom starring Kelsey Grammar and Patricia Helton as local news anchors at a Pittsburgh television station. It ran one season in 2007.



In one episode, a birthday party is hosted by the sports reporter, played by Fred Willard. Since it's in his home, the room is decorated with sports memorabilia. Since it takes place in Pittsburgh, the producers of the show put out a call to local Pittsburgh sports teams for swag to display to give it a "hometown" feel.


Episode 10, "The Wall of Fame", Marsh throws a surprise party for Chuck, even though it's not really his birthday. Kelly is worried that a picture on Marsh's wall may expose the secret that Chuck is Gracie's father. (


Apparently, the Pittsburgh Passion women's football team and the Xplosion were the only teams to respond, since they have the only items on display.

As a matter of fact, the vertical version of the Xplosion promotional poster featuring Bryant McAllister and Kevin Pittsnogle has prime real estate, sitting on the fireplace mantle behind all the action and is on-screen almost the entire second act.

Just marvel at that screenshot:



You get the idea, but here are more screenshots, because I expended the effort to make them:





On the other wall is the Xplosion team poster. It appears only briefly and is slightly obscured, but here it is flanked by the stars of the show. Also note the mis-colored Xplosion jersey behind Grammar's shoulder:



It's too bad as many people watched Back to You as attended Xplosion games. The show was cancelled after one season.