'Jeff Gamza's in Beijing ... and he's posting some great photos.' - The New York Times, August 11, 2008

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Jeff, these photos are fantastic. I love the emotions you captured, like you can feel the atmosphere.
Elliott Diamond, Pittsburgh Thunderbirds
Thanks again for the great photos! So awesome!!
Natalie Mikula, Pittsburgh Riverhounds
Great shots as always!
Ian Thomson, Pittsburgh Riverhounds
Always solid results.
Jason Kutney, Pittsburgh Riverhounds
We have to make sure we always look our best, because Jeff never takes a bad picture!
Janelle Johnson, Director, Sparks Dance Team
OH MY GOODNESS!! Absolutely amazing! We are so touched and LOVE what you have done! Truly had chills… Jeff is a definite artist. We are so very honored and appreciate all you do for our family and so many others.
Debbie Parsons
Thanks again for always helping us out – it truly is appreciated!
Teresa Conn, Pittsburgh Passion
The photos you shot were amazing. You can even tell the difference versus other professionals.
Warren Stout, Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh
OMG! That’s about all I can really say! This is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and gave me chills. It really is a beautiful piece.
Beth Whitehouse
Great photos, Jeff.
Jerry DiPaola, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Wanted to let you know your photos from the Philadelphia Soul game were awesome (as they always are!) We got a lot of great comments about them on our Facebook page!
Lauren Rae Hametz, Pittsburgh Power
Wow! You sure take amazing photos! Thank you so much! Myself and our entire team sincerely appreciate your kindness and generosity!
Teresa Conn, Pittsburgh Passion
Great angles. It’s like you capture a different side of the game, like you are on the field with us! Thank you!
Olivia Griswold, Pittsburgh Passion
We miss you so much, the national championship just wasn’t the same this year without you snapping photos for us. You really have changed USA Field Hockey for the better. It will never be better than it was with you.
Katie O'Donnell, U.S. Olympian
The photos look freaking fantastic. Thanks for these.
You’re the greatest, I’ll make sure my custom-made t-shirt really shows off that great photo. Thanks boss!
James Bryant, Pittsburgh Power
Thanks gamza! Coming from you being the great photographer you are, that’s a real complement! We all miss you very much!!
Jackie Kintzer, U.S. Olympian